Our Funds

Investment Funds

1) (ST1) Strateji Portfolio Management First Equity Fund (Equity Intensive Fund)

Strateji Long Only Equity Fund consists of stocks that are thought to be valued lower than their worth and that promise future growth. The fund’s performance criteria is indexed to 95% BIST 100 and 5% Overnight Repo returns.

Being a value fund, apart from the daily volatilities of the market, it invests in big and dynamic Turkish companies and their profitabilities and focuses on the long run targets.

2) (STT) Strateji Portfolio Management Debt Instruments Fund

The Fund invests in instruments that have at least 51% fixed income. Fund’s fixed income portfolio is made up of treasury bonds indexed to CPI (consumer prices index) and corporate bonds.

If eligible, for the 49% of the fund, instruments that have low market risk (beta) and high dividend income can be used to increase the return.

The Fund differentiates from others as it is solely used by qualified investors to access big corporates’ bonds.