Strateji Portfolio Management Company has obtained its “Portfolio Management Licensee” authorization from the Capital Markets Board of Turkey on 18th of June 2015. The Company has been established following the amendment made to Law No. 6362 and operates within the framework of the liabilities of the “Communique Regarding Portfolio Management Activity and Relevant Portfolio Management Companies”.

The principle activity of the Company is to establish and manage mutual funds in compliance with the relevant Capital Markets Board of Turkey legislations. Additionally, we can also manage investment trusts and pension funds that are established within the framework of the liabilities of Law No. 4632 dated 28/03/2011 Individual Retirement Savings and Investment System Law and equivalents of the aforementioned overseas companies’ portfolios.

The Company can also, upon the fulfillment of the conditions set by Capital Markets Board of Turkey and obtainment of the necessary licenses, manage portfolios; provide investment consultancy and promote and distribute funds’ shares including but not limited to its own shares.

The Company can, upon notifying the Board and meeting the stated minimum equity threshold:

(i) Provide investment consultancy services related to the capital markets;
(ii) Analyze; make research or give advice about the capital markets and
(iii) Give ancillary services such as financial planning or wealth management.
without the need for any further licensee.

Strateji Portfolio Management Inc. was established on 15th of May and has started its activities on 23th of June 2015 with an authorized capital of TRY 10 Million which has been divided into 10 Million shares each with a nominal value of TRY 1. The Company’s paid-in capital is TRY 2 Million and has been establish with 75% participation of Strateji Holding A. Ş. and 25% participation of the Strateji Securities Inc. and the ownership structure is as follows:

Name/Last Name or Business TitlePaid-In Capital (TL)Participation Rate (%)
Strateji Holding A.Ş.6,000,000%75
Strateji Securities Inc.2,000,000%25

With over thirty years of experience, we are working to ensure that all of our investors obtain safe returns in the long run, offering a rich product portfolio suitable for different investor profiles and risk preferences.